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Inside G+

I’m a big believer in learning from other’s experience so I’m always excited when someone let’s us peek under the covers at their technology.  Here’s a good Q&A with a tech lead on the G+ project.  I have used G+ for a bit now and I am being drawn in more and more.
“I’m a technical lead on the Google+ team. Ask me anything.”

Our stack is pretty standard fare for Google apps these days: we use Java servlets for our server code and JavaScript for the browser-side of the UI, largely built with the (open-source) Closure framework, including Closure’s JavaScript compiler and template system.

Time to check out the new runtimes!

Flash 11 and AIR 3 betas are ready to grab and test out existing apps.  AIR is without the SDK but you can swap out your playerglobal.swc to have Flash Player 11 work with Flash builder.  Full list of features are linked in the article, but 64-bit support, H.264 and some nice JSON support float to the top of my list.
I suppose since the AIR beta is minus an SDK, it can’t be used in the AIR app challenge sponsored by Sony.  Check that story out below!
Flash Player 11 and AIR 3 beta”s out on Labs > News > Flash Magazine

Adobe just gave us a summer present to play with – new runtimes! The Flash Player 11 beta is fully featured, containing all you need to get started. The AIR beta is limited to just the runtime (no SDK) and is provided only to test existing content.
Enter the Adobe AIR App Challenge, Sponsored by Sony | Adobe Developer Connection

As part of their expanded, long-standing relationship to deliver great content experiences for “Sony Tablet” devices, Adobe and Sony have announced the Adobe AIR App Challenge, Sponsored by Sony to drive the creation of innovative Android applications for the two models of tablet devices by offering developers a chance to win up to US$130,000, premium promotion on Sony Tablet, prerelease access to Sony Tablet prototypes and the latest version of Adobe AIR, conference passes and paid travel t…

API Lessons Learned and the new Merchant API

I’ve integrated with countless systems in my career and I can appreciate the value of a well written API.  It is great to see an up and coming company like foursquare sharing their lessons learned going from v1 to v2 of their public API as well as being up front with what is still out to jury.  This is great information to have if you’re evaluating applications and their APIs are a criteria or you’re building your own API.
APIv2: Woulda, coulda, shoulda | Foursquare Engineering Blog

As we sunset foursquare APIv1 and announce some amazing new milestones for APIv2, now seemed like as good a time as any to reflect on some of the decisions we made in APIv2 and see how they’re holding up.
If lessons from the v2 API weren’t enough, foursquare has released the new Merchant API today.  This will allow merchants on foursquare to create specials without going to foursquare, the tech can be integrated into their existing systems and tools.  Nice move foursquare!
More powerful tools for businesses. Introducing our Merchant API. http://t.co/ZGwNVS0
July 13, 2011

JDK 7, Lucene, JBoss OH MY!

I’ve been working with Java for over a decade and there’s now way someone who’s spent that much time with this language hasn’t crossed paths with JBoss.  I’ve watched it grow and I’m excited to try out this latest iteration.
JBoss Application Server 7… Download NOW! – JBoss Community

The core developers for JBoss Application Server 7 hosted several webinars to demonstrate what’s new and amazing about JBoss AS7. The webinars origninally aired on June 29th and ran through July 1st but don’t worry, you can still view them. Presenters included; Jason Greene, Pete Muir & Dan Allen, Brian Stansberrry, Bela Ban & Paul Ferraro.
Our lucene backed search has been in production for just over a month now and I love it more than ever.  Such a solid technology that does what it’s supposed to so well.
Lucene’s near-real-time search is fast! | Javalobby

Like this piece? Share it with your friends: Michael loves building software; he’s been building search engines for more than a decade, and has been working on Lucene as a committer, PMC member and Apache member, for the past few years. He’s co-author of the recently published Lucene in Action, 2nd edition.
Installing OpenJDK 7 on OS X | Javalobby

Last week, I scanned an article and saw there was a Java 7 Webinar. At first, I thought Java 7 was released, but soon after realized it was a Developer Preview. Unfortunately, the download page doesn’t have support for OS X.
Quick Testing Tip

Well, ok there are about 5 and I borrowed the term quick testing tip from my buddy @michael_d_kelly.  But these are simple tips to help keep your unit tests on track.
5 Tips to Reduce Unit Test Defect Rates | Agile Zone

Like this piece? Share it with your friends: Five quick points about unit tests that will reduce your defect rates. If you just did the above you would be doing very well indeed. Why would you schedule your test runs on an hourly schedule? Always hook unit tests into the commit.

ScreenScape secures a cool 6 mil.

Last but not least my company has some big news.  We now have a relationship with Hartco, Inc that will benefit both sides greatly!  Check out all the details below.
Hartco Announces Investment in ScreenScape | ScreenScape Networks

Press Release Details Thumbnail Logo:  Hartco Inc. (TSX: HCI) today announced a $6 million investment in ScreenScape Networks Inc. Hartco Announces Investment in ScreenScape Hartco Inc. (TSX: HCI) to invest $6 million in ScreenScape Networks Inc. MONTREAL, QUEBEC and CHARLOTTETOWN, PE, July 13, 2011 — Hartco Inc.
ScreenScape gets $6 million investment from IT services company #DigitalSignage, #dooh http://t.co/BQKHqUl
July 13, 2011
congrats to @screenscape networks on today’s good news. one of pei’s great young IT companies. @jceden
July 13, 2011
ScreenScape gets $6 million from IT services company http://www.sixteen-nine.net/?p=7084 #digitalsignage
July 13, 2011
RT @noodls_sHouse: $HCI Hartco Announces Investment in ScreenScape http://www.noodls.com/view/34F3CEFBC667BD2080C8E95D0455449103D1876C
July 13, 2011